We give you the lowdown on Made in Chelsea's James, Jess, Fleur, Emily, JP, Josh and Elliot!

Tiaras at the ready, Made in Chelsea is back! And the new series welcomes not one but SEVEN new cast members. That’s right – a bevvy of fresh meat to feast your eyes upon! Here’s everything you need to know about Emily Weller, James Dunmore, Elliot Cross, Josh ‘JP’ Patterson, Jess Woodley, Fleur Irving and Millie Wilkinson. Rah!

1. Pink-haired graphic designer Emily, 25, is seriously gorgeous – and no doubt bound to attract the eyes of the Chelsea boys. But they’ll have to keep their manicured mitts to themselves; she’s got a boyfriend and is adamant he won’t be appearing on the show.

2. Emily is one of Jamie Laing‘s best friends. They’ve known each other since they were 13 and she says she’s his ‘number 1 wingwoman.’

3. Elliot is the youngest of the new boys, has never had a girlfriend, but has had a string of bad dates. He told us: ‘Yeah, loads! The worst a girl can do on a date is just be boring and not say anything.’

4. Fleur, 23, is BFFs with Binky Felstead. They met out clubbing in Chelsea (where else?) and admits she is outspoken, fiercely honest and no stranger to a catfight.’ Meow!

5. James, 25, Elliot, 24, and JP, 25, all live together in a (no doubt massive) house off the King’s Road in Fulham. Not strictly Chelsea then, but we’ll let that one slide.

6. Elliot was a broker before he joined the MIC cast. ‘I like to think it was very Wolf of Wall Street,’ he told us. ‘There were a lot of big characters, testosterone and wild nights out!’ We can’t wait to see what this boy brings to the show.

7. JP reckons himself as a country boy and true gent, who may have never had a proper girlfriend but believe The One is out there. Aww.

8. James isn’t down with fakeness. ‘I wear my heart on my sleeve and I don’t hold back,’ he told Now. ‘I’d rather be honest and upfront. I hate fake drama and people overreacting over something minor.’ Er, have you seen MIC, James?

9. Aspiring filmmaker Jess, 20, has a penchant for bad boys and loves the single life, appara. She’s described by the show’s producers are ‘loose-lipped and flirty.’ Watch out, SW3!

10. Millie, 23, grew up with Jamie but also knows Spencer Matthews and Alex Mytton. She says she’s ‘feisty,’ and hates ‘fake girls.’ That’ll go down well, we bet. Millie is also best friends with Jess and Fleur.

11. JP is a property developer and used to play rugby professionally. Yum!

Made in Chelsea is on Mondays, 9pm on E4

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