Wow. Game Of Thrones. Just wow. **SPOILER ALERT**

The season finale of Game Of Thrones certainly pulled out the big guns.

There was death, hanging, poison, nakedness, hate…actually, there was everything you could possibly want in a season finale but, boy, did it leave me angry. There’s so many questions, it made me want to throw the TV across the room and I have NEVER got that passionate about something that’s ‘only a TV show’.

But seriously, even now – the day after – I’m still raging! How can the shows producers leave us hanging in the balance like this? You people had me laying awake at night and in a miserable grump, and I imagine you Game Of Thrones fans out there feel the same. Here’s what I keep asking….

1. Is Jon Snow ACTUALLY dead? I think he is, no one can possibly survive all that stabbing. Or could the Red Woman save him?

2. But HOW could they kill off the best character? In my desperate hope that it wasn’t real I even wished he was going to become a White Walker and turn against those bastards crows who betrayed him.

3. Where was Ghost the wolf? Why did he save Sam but didn’t save Jon? GAH!

4. In fact, where are Sam and Gilly off to to Old Town? Will we ever see them again?

5. Couldn’t Bran Stark do some One Eyed Raven shiz and posses the giant to save him?

6. In fact, what the heck is Bran doing at the moment? I have a theory that he’s in training and is soon going to posses Khaleesi’s dragons.

7. Speaking of the dragons…Who were those people who came and surrounded Khaleesi and why didn’t Drogon rescue her? I have a sneaky suspicion that they might have a link to her ex husband Drogo.

8. And speaking of big blokes – how awesome is that warrior Cersi’s scientist has created?! Yes, we know it is bound to be evil but that was one thing to get excited about in the episode.

9. But will that ultimate walk of shame make Cersi a better person? I doubt it.

10. Also, how could her daughter die in Jamie Lanister’s (her dad’s) arms? She looked so much like Cinderella, it made us happy.

11. Speaking of death. Is Stannis Baratheon actually dead? We didn’t see the fatal blow!

12. Also, will Sansa and Reek (or Theon) survive that HUGE jump? There’s no way they are going to make it down there without a broken leg or two!

13. Also, what the frick is going on with Arya’s eyes? Is that payback for stabbing that evil mans eyes out? Or is that something to do with Bran again and his eye thing? Gah, we want to know!

14. Why is the Red Woman still alive? They keep killing all the good people and keeping her and I think she’s a fraud. I also think the only thing that can actually kill her is a dragon so here’s to hoping that Drogon will get back to health and come a burn her ass.

15. How on earth is Tyrion going to keep the rowdy residents of Meereen in check?

If anyone can see into the future, please let us me out of my misery and send answers on a a postcard!

Many thanks.

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Lydia Southern