Miquita Oliver wants to prove that being declared bankrupt 'won't kill you'

She’s been seen in tears on new TV show 24 Hours In The Past but Miquita Oliver has been through much worse.

The 31-year-old presenter – who found fame hosting music show Popworld with Simon Amstell in the early 2000s – was very publicly declared bankrupt in 2012 after failing to pay a £174,000 tax bill and it left her wondering if she could cope.

‘For about a month, no way,’ Miquita says about whether she knew that she’d pull through the difficult situation.

Fortunately the bubbly host endeavoured to face up to things with a positive attitude.

‘Then one day, I decided to fight instead of drown, and after that I never thought I wouldn’t get through it,’ she explains.

‘I refused for this to be the end of my story – it’s too depressing. I’ve shown that it won’t kill you and that wonderful things can happen.’

Miquita might have come through her struggles but admits that the seriousness of it all forced her to mature.

‘I think the brutality of it helped,’ the London-born star reveals. ‘I needed something quite bomb-like to make me grow up.

‘But I don’t think I would be where I am today without it, so actually I don’t regret going bankrupt at all. It made me look at myself and at the choices I was making.’

Things are very different for Miquita these days. The presenter – whose showbiz mates include Lily Allen and Nick Grimshaw – has taken up exercise and feels ‘in control’ of all areas of her life.

She’s also made a return to television by appearing in new reality show 24 Hours In The Past, which sees Miquita and five other celebs experience what life was really like in Victorian Britain.

Some of the gruelling tasks have left Miquita in tears, something she’s slightly mortified about now.

‘Yeah, I cried. I’m really annoyed, because I don’t think anyone else did!’ she tells Fabulous magazine.

‘I had to make clay one day and it wasn’t up to scratch, which means nothing to me now, but at the time I cried and felt so deflated.’

Watch Miquita in 24 Hours In The Past on BBC1 at 9pm on Tuesday.

Anna Francis