The nation's got a new Bake Off crush as the internet goes mad over baker Tamal!

There’s many things that we love about the Great British Bake Off – the beautiful (and yummy) bakes, Paul Hollywood‘s kneading of bread, Mary Berry‘s killer jackets, and of course, the innuendos.

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But there’s another reason why we’re tuning in week after week now – not that we needed another one! – and that’s contestant Tamal.

The internet and ourselves included, have fallen head over heels in love with the beautiful baker. Twitter has been innuendo-ahoy with comments over the 29-year-old trainee anaesthetist. It’s all very British of us.

And it’s not hard to hard to see why Tamal has become our Bake Off crush – here’s why!

1.) Not just a pretty face
Yes, Tamal is as cute as a button – that’s just a fact of life – and his beautiful face kinda makes us feel like this…

But he’s also training to be an anaesthetist, calling himself a ‘Fuzzy haired doctor’ – if that’s not adorable, we don’t know what is! The pics he posts of him revising with his books makes us want to go back to school and be his study buddy. Not only can he create a beautiful bake but he’s also saving lives!

2.) Family man
It was his older sister who taught him how to bake and he got so darn good at it that she ended up asking her to make her wedding cake.

He also created this masterpiece for his cousin’s wedding, which took four whole days and an all-nighter to finish! Phew. Not only does this make our hearts melt but we also just want to bring him home to meet our mamas.

3.) Bring geeky back

Not only is he injecting flavours and syrups into his cakes, but he also loves to unwind with an episode of Game of Thrones just as much as the next person. We’re thinking a snuggly film night-in Tamal? We’ll bring GoT, you bring the cupcakes.

4.) In-YOUR-endo
As if Bake Off wasn’t filled to the brim with innuendos enough, Tamal came along and just turned up the notch to full blast.

From people wanting to get their hands on his baguette to others wanting him to fill their biscuit box, viewers comments have got us fanning ourselves and giggling like schoolgirls. And Tamal doesn’t seem to mind the attention either.

5.) Beautiful bakes
And finally, because he makes things like THIS…

Imagine coming home to that cutie’s face and he’s holding a freshly baked cake! Instead, we’ve got a packet of digestives and Netflix waiting for us at home. Sigh.

Amy Lo