So what happened when fashion and beauty writer Sarah Bradbury took on The Great British Bake Off's week 3 challenge, bread week.

I’m a huge fan of the Great British Bake Off. From Baked Alaska Gate for poor Ian to the famous Lion from bread week last year. So when I found out I had THE bread week, I was elated. That was until I found out what I was making…
The first problem I encountered was that I was without scales. I probably should have thought about that before signing up for the Great British Fake Off challenges. But I love to bake and have since a young age. I’ll never forget the time in my year 8 Food Technology class when I didn’t realise that baking power also made things right. Cue my class mates using fish slices to salvage the overflowing brownies that were bubbling over the sides. To be fair, they were pretty good!

When a normal person takes on The Great British Bake Off! Week 1: Jaffa Cakes…

If I was at my family home, I’d be in my element with the scales a la Mary Berry but in my flat in Brixton, I am unfortunate without the most important part of baking. Quite literally, what a doughnut.
[gif] Mary Berry wink.gif
The second worry I gave myself was that I thought I’d guessed what I would be making, which was steamed buns. The type you can have pork in. But I was wrong. I would be making a ‘dampfnudeln’. Which is like an iced bun but without the icing on top – thank you Mary.
I also hadn’t quite set myself the time that was required. I’d literally be cooking along with the show and I was yet to know, at the time, what I would be making and having the ingredients in.
So I sat there and watched the show as I have done for the past 7 series and waited for that moment I would have been up. First the signature bake. So did some of them make a ‘babka’ or ‘couronne’? But also, what are either of those?! Some signatures were  over cooked, undercooked, we saw some raw bottoms and fudged timings. I felt a little bit smug that I wasn’t overcome with these emotions or under such scrutiny from Paul and Mary but mostly, I was sad that I wasn’t joining in like I really wanted to. I could have shed a tear like poor Candice.
And then, the technical challenge of bread week. Looking at me right in the face. Smug dampfnudeln.
But whilst they were sweating it, I was in my pjs – yes at 8:34pm! With my dinner on waiting for the sweat and tears to form. I saw that they didn’t actually seem that difficult to make. I think I could have done it and I will.
Not to be defeated by GBBO, I ran (fine, walked) to my nearest M&S and Sainsburys (other supermarkets are available) in the search of a bun like the one that was made but I had no luck. I was gutted.
I have since then got myself some scales and I WILL complete a technical challenge. So watch this space.
To fill the void my dampfnudeln would have filled, I treated my team to a selection of treats from a well known supermarket which they were equally as happy about. Win win! And my buns went left untouched by Paul Hollywood‘s digits of doom. Result… I think.