Calling all Corrie fans! You need to read this - fact number two is a corker...

A group shot of the Coronation Street cast on the soap’s iconic cobbles has been released – with just hours to go until the programme goes live on ITV as part of the channel’s 60th anniversary celebrations. Squeal!

And if you aren’t already jittering in your seat with excitement, here’s eight facts about the live episode which are guaranteed to get you in the mood for the explosive drama!

1. Their rehearsals are more intense than Strictly!

Ahead of the episode, the cast will have to undergo at least four full perfect run-throughs before they go live. Talk about pressure!

2. They have more staff than Buckingham Palace

To make sure the episode runs as smoothly as possible, they have a few spare hands on board, including 260 technical crew members, 180 production office staff and 85 background artistes – because millions of people watching and waiting at home for the cast to slip up just isn’t enough.

3. They’re working crazy hours

It isn’t just the cast who are spending every waking moment stressing about their job. The crew have put in more than 112 hours to make sure this live episode goes off without hitch. So we can all stop complaining about our 9-5 office jobs now!

4. It isn’t a walk in the park

You’d think they’d have months to get ready for an hour-long, live, pressurised performance. Think again! The cast were only given TWO weeks to learn their lines off by heart before rehearsals began. Lucky they’re professionals eh?



5. There’s no need to take any selfies

We all know that actors love to take a photo of themselves; but they needn’t worry about that for the next week or two. There will be near to 600 camera shots taken during the episode, and 10 hidden cameras to record the performances. That’s their profile pictures sorted for the next year then!

6. There might be some casualties

The last thing the soap stars need is a broken limb moments before running on set for their big moment. But they’ll have to be extra careful to avoid it because there will be over 15 miles of cables on the set floor whilst the cameras are rolling! Hopefully no one is wearing heels…

7. They might need an alarm clock

The entire cast have done 12 full days of rehearsals, and most have stayed behind for all-night shoots too. So it isn’t just their lines they have to worry about, it’s also the danger that they could drift off to sleep during an important scene!

8. They’re bound to pull it off…right?

We all know the Corrie cast are one big family, if at times dysfunctional, and if you thought you were going to miss your favourite characters in the live episode, don’t panic, because at least 47 members of the cast will be featured in it. So if worst comes to worst they can rely on teamwork and their special bond to overcome it.

Alice Murray