Blimey - EastEnders stalwart Ian Beale has shed A LOT of tears over the years


He’s had his ups and downs over the years but, blimey, there’s been A LOT of bad times in the life of EastEnders Ian Beale.

The businessman – played by Adam Woodyatt – has been a resident on Albert Square since the show started back in 1985 and over the years he’s been through several fallouts, divorces, affairs, dodgy business deals and basically a whole load of heartbreak.

It’s no surprise that on several occasions the misfortune has all become too much for poor old Ian. The times he’s broken down and burst into floods of tears never fail to stick in our memory, mainly because Ian has been blessed with a frankly terrible crying face.

As EastEnders celebrates its 30th anniversary with the conclusion to the Lucy Beale murder case, we take a look at some of Ian‘s particularly awful weeping expressions from over the years – click through above to see them in all their, um, glory.

There’s been some real corkers, it has to be said. In the early days Ian suffered a lot at the hands of his wife Cindy and memorably crashed his van after a massive row with his conniving missus.

Mr Beale‘s also frequently ended up in tears during his many spats with Phil Mitchell. This brings different variations of the Ian crying face – sometimes it’s angry, sometimes it’s self-pitying. Who knew he had so much range?

Ian‘s family have brought him a lot of strife. He got pretty devastated that time he slapped daughter Lucy after a nasty row and had a particularly good sob when son Steven held him hostage (as you do).

Remember when Ian became a tramp? The crying face became more subtle during this stage and you have to look closely to see the little tears in his eyes.

But our favourite sobbing moment came when poor old Ian learned that Lucy had met a nasty end last year. There are really no words to express this one so you have to take a look for yourself.

We think there could be more tears to come when Lucy‘s killer is finally revealed…

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Anna Francis