The Daybreak presenter avoids watching himself on the box

has admitted he finds watching himself on television an unpleasant experience.

‘I don’t like to look at myself in the monitor. I literally can’t bear the sight of myself. I find it just repellent,’ he says.

‘In 20 years on telly I’ve probably spent 20 minutes watching myself.’

But the Daybreak presenter, 43, was recently forced into it by co-host Christine Bleakley, 31.

‘With Daybreak, Christine has always said we’ve got to watch it back, because we’d learn from it,’ he tells the Radio Times.

‘When we were getting really panned she said, “Look we’ve just got to sit and watch it.”

‘So I cooked and she came round to my place, and I was dreading it. I’d have less dreaded two hours with the dentist that evening.’

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