Presenter isn't fazed by live television problems

Alex Jones is always prepared for the unexpected.

The Welsh presenter, who hosts The One Show with Matt Baker, has experienced her fair share of problems on live TV but actually likes the added challenge it brings.

‘I enjoy it when things go slightly wrong,’ says Alex, 37.

‘When you’re caught off-guard, you become your most natural and vulnerable.

‘Once a dog was sick all over my hand [on The One Show] but I had to carry on because it was out of shot.

‘Another time, a llama bit my arm, it was the funniest night.’

Having hosted other big shows such as Tumble and Let’s Dance For Comic Relief since finding fame on The One Show, Alex likes to take a positive attitude.

The brunette star admits that she feels very lucky to be in the position that she’s in.

‘There are a lot of people who’d like the job and you can’t be complacent because that’s being ungrateful,’ says Alex.

‘It would be like saying: “I’ve got the job now and I can relax”, which I don’t think is the right attitude.’

Alex is especially grateful because she never imagined that she’d actually become a TV presenter.

She always fancied working in children’s television but knew she would have to overcome her timid nature.

‘Playing all day for a living looked like a great job,’ the presenter explains.

‘But I was so painfully shy, I never considered for a second I’d be in front of the camera. I thought I would write or direct.’

Luckily Alex Jones persisted with her dream and, after working as a runner, landed a screen test which led to her becoming a presenter.

She’s now so confident in her job that she’s happy to talk to people she’s never met before off-screen as well as on-screen.

‘People chat with me like I live next door,’ the bubbly star reveals.

‘Two weeks ago I was at an airport waiting for the screen to tell me which carousel my baggage was on and five or six people came up to me and said: “Alex, it’s number seven!”‘

Anna Francis