The X Factor winner admits she's leaving her love life in her mentor's hands

X Factor winner Alexandra Burke has been banned from dating by mentor Cheryl Cole – and for good reason.

The 20-year-old’s ex D’andre West met up with Sunday tabloid reporters after Alex became famous and it’s made her very wary of guys.

‘That’s why I’ve given up on them completely,’ she admits. 

Until a special guy comes along…

‘Well, Cheryl would be the one to decide whether he was good enough for me,’ she says. ‘He’d have to pass the Cheryl test!

‘I like a guy with a good personality. You’ve got to vibe with someone, that’s the way to go.’

So is there a romance blooming with actor James Cordon, who gave her a £4,000 Cartier watch?

‘Oh my God, the papers can make such a big thing out of nothing!’ insists Alex. ‘I guess he bought the watch because he thought it was special.

‘We exchanged numbers when he came to The X Factor and we’ve been texting each other.

‘I feel extremely grateful that he’s doing what he’s doing – saying nice things about me and sending me a gift – but we’re just friends. He’s a lovely guy, but that’s as far as it goes.’

See the full interview with Alexandra Burke in Now magazine dated 5 January 2009 – out now!