The X Factor hopeful on why she didn't want her mother to run her career

Alexandra Burke has fans in high places. None other than Wayne Rooney is tipping her to win The X Factor. And behind the scenes, the other contestants also think she’s the one to beat.

But Alex, 20, has had to fight to stop her mum Melissa Bell – who sang with 80s chart-toppers Soul II Soul – from taking over her career.

‘Mum tried to live her dream through me. She wanted to run my career,’ says Alex. ‘But she’s had her shot at fame. It’s my time to show what I can do.

‘I told her to let me do it my own way. There are lots of one-hit wonders out there and I don’t want to be one of them.’

Things came to a head three years ago when Alex first entered The X Factor. Before being thrown out at boot camp stage, she walked out of the family home when her mum tried to interfere.

‘We went through a rough patch – we weren’t talking. I had to get out of the house,’ says Alex.

But now the pair have sorted out their differences.

Alex grew up listening to me, copying me and following my advice,’ says Melissa, 44. ‘I hope she goes further in her career than I did.’

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