X Factor winner accused of being a home-wrecker

X Factor winner Alexandra Burke is celebrating her success today but has also had to face tabloid headlines accusing her of being ‘a ruthless home-wrecker’.

Maggie West alleges husband D’andre – the man reported to be trying to sell a sex tape of him and Alexandra together – started a relationship with the singer 4 years ago when she was 16. Maggie and D’andre are now getting a divorce.

‘She knew D’andre was married. She tore me apart,’ Maggie tells the News Of The World.

‘I was left all by myself with a baby to raise while Alex got what she wanted.’

Tracie Brooks – the wife of another Alex ex – Russell Brooks, 29 – is also reported to claim she was responsible for their break-up – though the 20-year-old singer denies this.

Alexandra dated D’andre West in the past, but she has put that all behind her now. Russell Brooks got together with her after he had split with Tracie,’ says an X Factor insider.