Coronation Street helped one fan propose to their girlfriend during last night's live episode in a cute blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment

Last night’s live episode of Coronation Street had it all – murder, romance, and even a real life marriage proposal!

Yes, that’s right – the much-loved ITV show found time in what was no doubt a stressful evening to help one Corrie fan pop the question to his girlfriend live on screen.

If you’re sat there thinking ‘I remember Callum getting hit over the head with a wrench, but I definitely don’t remember a marriage proposal’, don’t worry – you’re not going mad. The proposal took place in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment.

During a scene in The Rovers halfway through the hour-long episode, a chalkboard is seen on top of the bar in the background.

And, on closer inspection, the white chalk writing on it reads: ‘Katie Lowe, will you marry me?’

Katie’s hopefull husband-to-be turned out to be Twitter user @literallyadam, who’d entered a Corrie competition which saw ITV offer viewers the chance to have a message of their choice scrawled on the chalkboard during the landmark live episode.

And, minutes after the episode ended, Adam took to Twitter to share the outcome of his unique proposal – and, we’re pleased to reveal, it was good news!

We can only imagine the scenes that went down in Adam’s living room once Katie realised what was happening!

ITV later took to Twitter to reveal that Adam’s message had been chalked onto the board by Stephen Mullhern, who hosted Coronation Street Live Uncovered after the episode had finished.

And Twitter users were quick to wish Adam and Katie well, with one writing: ‘Congratulations!!! Cutest proposal ever.’

Another said: ‘What a great way to propose! Certainly memorable. Wishing you both lots of love & happiness!’

And yes another posted: ‘Congrats Adam!! So cute!I squealed when I saw the blackboard on the telly and had to rewind to check it again!’

Congratulations from everyone at Now, Adam and Katie!