EastEnders actor's wife gives birth to a baby girl

Neil McDermott, who plays Ryan Malloy in EastEnders, has become a dad for the first time.  

His wife, actress Michelle Edwards, 30, who was due to give birth on New Year’s Day, welcomed daughter Arabella Betsy on Sunday, weighing 7lb 9oz.

Neil‘s character Ryan Malloy is dad to baby Lily in the soap so he’s got two little girls in his life.

‘The day I found out Michelle was pregnant was the day I was
filming Stacey giving birth,’ the actor has revealed.

‘I was holding the three-week-old baby we
had in there and I wasn’t telling anyone at the time that Michelle was
pregnant, so that was a very strange day. I was getting freaked out.’

and Michelle first met whist training at the Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts.

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