Hold on to your corsets ladies! BBC's new series Poldark is about to make a sex symbol out of star Aidan Turner!


For those of you suffering with Downton Abbey withdrawal, GREAT NEWS!…. (get into character and rouse a hearty ‘huzzah!’).

Reclaim your Sunday nights (we love a bit of Countryfile, but it has a significant lack of class-related scandal), and get stuck into BBC’s new costume drama Poldark, hitting screens tonight.

Set in 18th century Cornwall and based on a series of novels by Winston Graham, Poldark has already received a lavish screen adaptation by the BBC once before waaay back in 1975. Ask your mum. She’ll probably get a bit gooey eyed.

Forty years ago, Poldark was a bit of a cultural phenomenon, pulling in a staggering 15 million viewers per episode, with star/protagonist Robin Ellis being proper vintage totty du jour. Ladies of the 70s were losing their minds over a grumpy, windswept hero with a Cornish accent and a rather fetching buccaneer hair bow. Poldark out-Darcy’d Mr Darcy before there even was an ‘oooh Mr Darcy‘!

(Please close the door on your way out Colin Firth).

So. Poldark 2015?
Of course, the BBC knew they had massive boots (or britches) to fill, and haven’t they just. Take a LOOK at who just breezed onto the aptly rugged Cornish coastline.

Meet Aidan Turner. The new star of Poldark.
Broody. Prone to violent outbursts. An 18th century out-and-out bad boy. Grrrr.

Prepare to rip thy bodices, here’s six things you probably didn’t know about Aidan

1. Think Aidan looks familiar?

Well, the 31 year-old Dubliner has been on the A-list radar for a little while now, although he’s more commonly associated with playing more, hmm, fantastical characters. Remember when your boyfriend dragged you to see all three parts of The Hobbit movie trilogy? Remember you secretly fancied the dwarf that ended up copping off with the elf chick, but didn’t want to admit it a) to your boyf , and b) yourself? Well, the fit dwarf’s name is Kíli, and was played by none other than the delectable Aidan Turner. Now we don’t feel so weird.

2. Aidan is relatively shy about being classed as a sex symbol.

‘When you’re doing love scenes, clothes tend to get discarded. You can’t really escape that, that’s got to be in the show.’ He added, ‘It’s a little awkward.’

3. Bad news ladies, Aidan is taken.

Sorry. We have no sound effect button for ‘the sound of hearts breaking’. Aidan has been dating fellow Irish actor Sarah Greene for the last few years, and judging by the loved-up look of them, that ain’t gonna change any time soon. Don’t they make a fabulous couple (said through gritted teeth)?

4. Aidan it seems was a little bit of a scallywag as a child.

He revealed in an interview last month that he owes a lot to his family, and that he admires his mother for putting up with his unruly adolescent behaviour at school. ‘I remember my mum getting called up a lot. But she said to me recently: “No you didn’t, you were fine.” I think she just didn’t want to upset me.’ Bless.

5. Aidan appeared briefly in raunchy historical caper The Tudors with fellow Irishman Jonathan Rhys Myers back in 2007.

Although the two didn’t share any screen time, Aidan’s two lines (delivered in a switzy Italian accent) definitely set him on the path to stardom. The rest as they say, is history…or historical drama. Or historical literary drama. You get the gist.

6. Aidan is just a really effin’ nice guy.

On his 29th birthday, he allowed GF Sarah Greene to tweet a personal picture to designated fan account @AidanTurnerBDay saying ‘Thank You’ for all the good wishes. What a little charmer.

No doubt Poldark is going to rock our Sunday night viewing. And Colin? AKA ‘oooh Mr Darcy’ Firth? We mean no offence, we just think it’s time you hand the frilly shirt of sexiness along to your worthy successor. A new handsome literary screen hero is about to be crowned.

Pass the smelling salts.

* Poldark begins at 9pm tonight on BBC 1

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