How did the detective survive death fall?

Benedict Cumberbatch finds it pretty tough to keep Sherlock spoilers to himself.

Viewers were shocked to see the TV detective fake his own death at the end of season two after he jumped off a tall building but the mystery remains about how he did it.

The truth won’t be unearthed until the next series airs so Benedict, 37, has to find novel ways to stop from revealing what happened.

I cry myself to sleep at night. And then wake up laughing,’ the actor writes in a Reddit Ask Me Anything web chat.

Fans have come up with countless theories about how Sherlock survived the fall and Benedict has added his own far-fetched idea to the mix.

Haven’t you seen winged suits on YouTube??‘ he quips.

I told you I was into skydiving. How many more clues do you need people?

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