Doctors said to be on stand-by


Five Big Brother contestants have fallen ill after catching a bug.

Student Luke Marsden, 21, is the worst affected and has been bedridden for most of the week.

Now Stuart Pilkington, 25, Rebecca Shiner, 21, Sara Folino, 27, and Belinda Harris-Reid, 44, have complained of dizziness and diarrhoea.

‘It’s no surprise that when you stick 16 people in a small house with no windows that they might get ill,’ says a source.

‘And when one goes it’s like a house of cards as they all live on top of each other.’

Bosses are said to have doctors on stand-by if anyone falls seriously ill.

‘As always, the health and welfare of all the housemates is of utmost importance to us,’ says a show spokesperson.

‘Housemates are monitored 24 hours a day by producers and are encouraged to talk to Big Brother whenever they feel unwell and require medical attention.’

The housemates have been taking part in the gruelling Tour De Grand Frere task, which has seen them cycling 520 miles on 2 stationary bikes.
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