What on earth is Corin Forshaw's girlfriend going to think?

Big Brother contestant Corin Forshaw’s wish finally came true last night as new housemate  JJ Bird agreed to sleep with her.

The Jordan look-a-like, 29, who has been in a relationship with another woman for two years, couldn’t hide her delight.

She performed a celebratory dance in front of Dave and Jo in the living room while the blue-eyed boxer was in the bedroom.

When the two got under the covers, a giggling Corin told JJ, 23, off for hardly talking to her since he’s been in the house.

But she didn’t seem to mind too much because minutes later the duvet started to bob up and down and JJ ended up with a big smile on his face.

‘Is that tickly?’ Corin asked.

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Corin‘s girlfriend Rachel Haddow might feel a little anxious when she sees the episode tonight.

She believes their relationship will last, despite reports bisexual Corin – who was married but widowed at 24 – thinks her next relationship will be with a man.

‘There’s no truth to that [the reports] whatsoever. Corin was probably misquoted,’ claims Rachel.

‘I knew she had been with men, but it didn’t bother me because we work so well together.’

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