The Aussie hunk needs to handle Josie Gibson's heart carefully

Big Brother 11 contestant Josie Gibson lives in a purpose-built shed in her aunt Kay‘s garden.

The woman closest to the Bristol-born 25-year-old doesn’t want her to leave the BB house in pieces because John James Parton has broken her heart.

Kay’s protective because her niece has been unlucky in love in the past.

‘After her last relationship ended, it really upset her,’ she tells Now. ‘Since then, I haven’t seen her bring anyone back to the shed.

We had two big family tragedies when I lost my other half and then also my sister to cancer.

It really shook Josie up – she’s been through a lot of heartbreak.’

Kay is rooting for Josie to scoop the £100,000 as the final Big Brother winner.

‘I still think she can win,’ says Kay. She’s a big-hearted girl who deserves to be happy.’

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