We reveal how the Big Brother star's family feel about her love for the Aussie hunk

Their romance has had fans glued to their screens but not everyone has gone gaga about Big Brother 11 couple Josie Gibson and John James Parton’s love-in.

The woman closest to Bristol-born Josie, her aunt Kay Gibson, exclusively tells Now that she’s worried her niece is heading for serious heartbreak.

I fear John James will break her heart and she’ll be devastated,’ says Kay. Their relationship’s bringing out her insecurities.

‘She’s giving herself a hard time about her looks and comparing herself to the slimmer girls in the house.

‘I’ve tried telling her she doesn’t need a man and that she needs to learn how to be happy on her own.’

Along with the rest of the nation, Kay, 44, has watched smitten Josie’s pursuit of John James, 24, with interest.

She even clashed with ex-housemate Caoimhe Guilfoyle when it seemed the Irish lass was stealing his attention.

People say they’ve started seeing a bitchy streak in her and I see why some might think that,’ says Kay.

I’ve thought at times: “You’re being a complete moo.” I just think it’s really intense in there. She’s not like that in the real world.’

For weeks, it seemed that Josie was getting nowhere with John James and even told him he was out of her league.

Then, two weeks ago, the pair stunned viewers by snogging under the duvet and John James declared his love a few days later.

Josie can’t believe she’s got John James but he isn’t out of her league,’ says Kay. She’s brilliant and very attractive. He’s bloody lucky she looked his way!

‘I’m just concerned because she hasn’t had many boyfriends and when her last relationship ended, it really upset her.’

See Kay Gibson‘s full interview about John James Parton and Josie Gibson in Now magazine dated 9 August 2010 – out now!

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