That didn't take long...

We had a feeling that the arrival of the celebrities into the Big Brother house would cause some drama – and less than 24 hours in, we’ve been proven right…

Housemate Kayleigh Morris has found something of an enemy in celeb guest Marnie Simpson, and awkwardly, it’s stemming from the Geordie Shore gal’s friendship with Charlotte Crosby!

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In Wednesday’s edition of the long-running reality show, we see celebrity guests Marnie, Gemma Collins and Nicola McLean entering the house – but at one step above the normal housemates, who are tasked with waiting on them hand and foot!

If that were not enough to rub people up the wrong way, Kayleigh takes against Marnie instantly – due to her good friend Charlotte Crosby having slept with Kayleigh’s ex Adam Gabriel on Ex On The Beach!

Having called Char ‘the ugliest person in the world’ in the past, Kayleigh is REALLY not a fan – and she’s having no trouble holding it against Marnie: ‘Her best mate [Charlotte] is someone I’m not allowed to go anywhere near.

‘I hate Charlotte Crosby and you put her f*cking best friend in and when I look at Marnie I just think of f*cking Charlotte and it’s angering me every f*cking second,’ Kayleigh fumes in the Diary Room.

‘My f***ing boyfriend has Charlotte Crosby’s f*cking tattoo on his f*cking leg, I’m sick of it!’

Yikes – perhaps he should take a trip to the Tattoo Fixers studio – or maybe Just Tattoo Of Us can help?

‘I just don’t like her as a person, I think she’s very busy, she’s got a lot of things to say about people… she’s said some horrible things about me,’ Marnie surmises, while Kayleigh decides to keep her distance to best avoid conflict.

Bets on how long it’ll take before these two have an all-out brawl? Anyone?