Marco and Laura have been getting hot and heavy in the house


Hindsight – it’s a wonderful thing. And similar to many who’ve spent time in the Big Brother house, current housemate Marco Pierre White Jr is figuring this out right now – as he’s admitted having regrets about sleeping with Laura Carter last weekend!

Marco – who happens to be engaged – and Laura began their steamy connection nearly as soon as they entered the house, which culminated in a session of late-night sex games and under-the-covers action on Saturday night.

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As part of their daily trolling duties, the residents of the Other house were tasked with writing mean words on the main housemates’ photographs. Marco’s read ‘Marry Me’ – a thinly-veiled reminder of his relationship outside the house.

‘They wrote “marry me?” That’s too far – if that breaks me up my fiancée that’s f*cked,’ Marco complained.

Laura on Marco Big Brother

Marco has some sexy time with Laura – who’s not his fiancée… Credit: Channel 5

(Something tells us that if anything kills his engagement, it’d likely be the act of sleeping with another woman after less than a week, rather than a simple written note – but, we digress.)

‘I think you in bed would break up your relationship,’ Lateysha Grace fairly pointed out, referring to his romp with Laura – but Marco was quick to tell remind her of his ‘hall pass’.

Despite his fiancée having given him single status while in the house, Marco’s clearly feeling some guilt about the situation – the episode shows the celebrity chef’s son’s immediate reaction after he and Laura got freaky and he admits: ‘I just need a moment to process what’s happened.

‘My family is going to kill me, my fiancée is going to kill me.’

Yikes – does this mean the end for Big Brother’s steamiest couple? Tune in to Channel 5 at 10.00pm to find out what happens next!