The C4 reality TV series wasn't to everyone's taste


Big Brother has been named and shamed as the most complained about programme of the last decade.

The controvertial reality show heads up TV watchdog Ofcom‘s naughty list, after receiving 57,942 complaints during its 10-year run.

Celebrity Big Brother, featuring Shilpa Shetty being verbally abused by the late Jade Goody, generated 44,500 of those complaints.

The Top Ten offenders are:

1. Big Brother; 57,942

2. The X Factor; 15,882

3. Jerry Springer The Opera; 8,860

4. Coronation Street; 2,028

5. Jonathan Ross & Russell Brand (Sachsgate); 1,943

6. Ailim Online; 1,537

7. Shipwrecked; 1,004

8. Eastenders; 1,329

9. Emmerdale; 980

10. Bringing Up Baby; 752

Figures taken from 2004 to 2010

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