Emma fancied Matt in his Busted days

Emma Willis has revealed that Matt Willis was wearing a load of make-up when she first checked him out.  

The new Big Brother presenter first clapped eyes on Matt, 30, when he was an eyeliner-loving singer in pop band Busted but she says his heavy slap didn’t put her off.

The first time I saw him I was walking past him in a studio and he had loads of make-up on,’ says Emma, 37.

I thought, “Underneath that make-up he’s really cute”.’

Emma made it her mission to land her man. They married in 2008 and now have two children.

Years later I met him on a night out and he was so much fun, he didn’t have as much slap on, I had the best night and decided I would make him mine,’ the mum-of-two tells Celebs On Sunday.

That was that.’

And it sounds like the couple are as loved-up as when they first met.

We still fancy each other and he’s my favourite person to hang out with,’ says Emma.

He is so fun. I know that’s really f*cking sick, but it’s true.’

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