In a game of I Have Never, Andrew Edmonds admits he seduced a large piece of fruit


After Steve successfully passed his Fear For Beer secret task by scaring more than three of his fellow housemates, the group were awarded with alcohol.

In a merry mood, most of them started playing a cheeky game of I Have Never.

They admitted to all kinds of things from farting inside the Big Brother house to wanting to snog another housemate.

But when Steve said: ‘I Have Never used strange sexual toys,’ the group were shocked when brainiac Andrew Edmonds confessed he once had sex with a watermelon – because he was bored.

‘All I bought that day was a watermelon and some lube,’ he explained.

The housemates burst into laughter with Josie shouting: ‘I’m never gonna look at a watermelon in the same way!’

Looking worried, Andrew told the others, ‘[Big Brother] won’t air that,’ but Mario and JJ disagreed.

‘If I was in the editing team, that would be my pick of the day!’ grinned JJ.

After further teasing from the housemates, Mario joked: ‘I know a beautiful pumpkin I
can set you up with.’

Jayna Rana