Pantomime horse JJ wins the BB house a £300 shopping budget

Big Brother contestants JJ and John James won this week’s Pantomime Horse shopping task and – together as JJ Lightning – competed in the Mayor’s Race at Sandown Park Race Course in Esher, Surrey.

The race is held every year for the Mayor Of Elmbridge’s Charity and involves the country’s finest pantomime horses racing for the title of Pantomime Horse Of The Year.

To earn their place in the event, John James and JJ beat the other housemates in an equestrian-themed Q&A Beep Test.

The dynamic duo thrashed BB Bombers (Josie and Jo), Kolsek The Butcher (Andrew and Mario) and Tony The Curvalicious And Most Bootylicious Horse In The Whole Of BB
World Best Served With Horseradish Dot Com (Corin and Sam).

At Sandown, the Big Brother boys really hoofed it and managed to come third in the race, winning the house £300 for their weekly shopping budget.

Crowds at the event were unaware of JJ Lightning’s true identity.

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Jayna Rana