John James and Rachel forfeit their £50 contributions to this week's shopping budget

Big Brother contestants John James and Rachel have given up on their endurance wedding dress sit-in, this week’s shopping task challenge.

For the Dickens-themed task, John James and Rachel had to both dress up as Miss Havisham, the jilted bride in classic novel Great Expectations.

Rachel, 28, definitely didn’t want to be locked in the Task Room with John James for 24 hours.

The Liverpudlian believes she will get the boot this Friday and was reluctant to spend a whole day of what could be her last week away from the other housemates.

John James was also irritated by the task, to which a cheeky Sam commented, ‘It’s only because you’ll be separated from Josie for 24 hours!’

After much debating, and a strop from John James, 24 – in which he took off his wedding dress and sat in the pool – the duo decided to walk out of the Task Room and tell Big Brother their decision.

Earlier this week, John James nominated Rachel for eviction because he believes she is, ‘loud and annoying.

‘[She is like] a foghorn,’ he moaned.

Rachel in turn nominated John James because she is fed up of the Aussie hunk always talking about nominations.

Jayna Rana