Aussie hunk John James is a big softie

Big Brother star John James Parton admits that his relationship with housemate Josie Gibson opened up his heart.

The Aussie hunk sobbed countless times during his stint on the reality show and he just couldn’t help himself.

‘I became close to Josie so that made me more vulnerable,’ he explains. ‘I cared about her so much that if I upset her or we had a row, I was sensitive about it.’  

After sharing a bed for weeks, John James, 24, is now pining for his Bristol babe.

It was strange not sleeping in the same bed with her last night,’ John James revealed at the weekend.

Josie is the favourite to win tonight’s final and will be given the chance to stay on for Ultimate Big Brother which is due to end on 10 September.

John James is prepared to wait for the 25-year-old to leave the house.

I’ll be here for at least five weeks,’ he says. I’ll wait for Josie to come out.

‘She said I could go to stay with her in Bristol. If she wanted to come to Australia that would be good, too.’ 

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