Aussie hunk John James serious about relationship with Josie - it's love

John James Parton was evicted from Big Brother last night – along with Steve, Corin and Sam

The one thing Davina wanted to know was if he’s being ‘a fake’ with Josie.

‘There are 2 John Jameses,’ she told him – and he agreed he can seem to have a split personality – one minute angry and argumentative, the next sweet and kind.

But he insisted his feelings for Josie are genuine.

‘Everything I said was real,’ he smiled. ‘I love everything about her.’

John James would even be prepared to do magazine and newspaper interviews – which can pay ‘six figure sums’ – with Josie, if that’s what she wants.

‘She can have the money,’ he says

In the house, the Aussie from Melbourne also told his housemate from Bristol he’s prepared to stay in the UK.

‘I’m gonna move here to be with you’ John James, 24, told Josie. ‘I want to move here.

‘I still want to be here with you.’ 

Despite worrying if his feelings would be the same outside the Big Brother house, Josie, 25, invited him to live with her in the purpose-built shed that’s her home in her aunt Kay‘s garden.

‘You can move into my little cabin,’ she said. ‘You would like that.’

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