The Aussie hunk doesn't want to be embarrassed in front of his family

Big Brother heartthrob John James Parton has informed the remaining contestants that he won’t take part in interviews after he leaves the house.

After a tense day, John James told Josie Gibson and JJ Bird that he’s decided to refuse to answer any questions.

John James feels Big Brother set him up when they brought former foe Rachael White back into the house – and he’s not happy.

Even though he chose to be massaged by the Beyonce lookalike, rather than give Liverpool Rachel a masssage himself, John James feels he was set up.

They got to me the best way they could,’ he told on-off ‘girlfriend’ Josie.

John James insists his reluctance to face the media is because he doesn’t want to risk embarrassing himself in front of his family.

This didn’t go down too well with Josie, who told John James that he owes Big Brother.

The only person who can make a mockery of yourself is you,’ she argued.

The bookies predict that John James will leave the house in tonight’s quadruple eviction.  

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