Big Brother 11 winner Josie Gibson disappears through fire escape

Big Brother 11 winner Josie Gibson has escaped from the Big Brother house via the fire escape.

The Bristol babe had been missing John James Parton and all her old housemates.

Josie, 25, had had a restless night on Wednesday and couldn’t stop crying –
she awoke in the small hours and made her way to the Diary Room to talk
to Big Brother.

‘I can’t handle it anymore,’ Josie wept. ‘I just want to go.’

Then after lunch yesterday, she made her decision.

Sam Pepper announced on Twitter that she’d made a run for it – he saw her walk past him as he sat in the BB studio this afternoon.

‘Was in the studio and joise has just walked passed. Then my brain click. Yes Josie has walked!’ he Tweeted.

Then Josie fell straight into John James‘ arms – the Aussie hunk just happened to be in the Big Brother car park.

He had been visiting the Big Brother compound to record a message to give to Josie, he had been missing his girl, too.

Still wearing her microphone, Josie was heard saying: ‘Thank God you were here when I came out!’

John James replied: ‘You’re so stupid! I love you so much!’

Josie apologised to the BB producers for letting them down, saying: ‘I’m so sorry guys.
They’re all really nice people, don’t get me wrong, but I’m normal – I’m not a
celebrity I’m not like that.

‘I couldn’t handle it no more.’

Ulrika Jonsson is devastated by her exit and has told Brian Dowling that she doesn’t think it’s worth continuing with Ultimate Big Brother now Josie has left the house.

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