The cheeky graffiti artist could get the boot this Friday


Sam Pepper has not even been in the Big Brother house two weeks, but he’s already up for the public vote along with JJ, Jo and Dave.

He doesn’t want to go, but Josie is mighty sick of the annoying newcomer.

Because they’d disobeyed the rules and discussed nominations, John James, Josie and Dave were banned from nominating Sam.

Fortunately, Mario won this week’s Save And Replace task – called Animal Quackers – and nominated the 21-year-old instead of himself.

Mario – who received four nominations – triumphed by memorising a staggering 22 animal noises, followed by Jo with 11 and JJ with six.

If Sam doesn’t get the chucked out, he’s banned from nominating next week as punishment for telling JJ he wouldn’t have nominated him and would never nominate him.

Jayna Rana