Aussie hunk John James says he's ready to deal with whatever comes his way

Now John James Parton is out of the Big Brother house, there are female fans queueing up in the hope that he’ll fall for them instead of Josie Gibson.

‘When I went on Big Mouth, there were girls who said they’d come from Ireland just to see me and that was a bit overwhelming,’ says John James.

‘I’m not relishing having girls throw themselves at me.
If it happens it happens. I can’t control that, in the same way I can’t
control people hating me.’

Josie will be relieved to know John James, 24, isn’t interested in playing the field.

‘I’ve never been that sort of bloke, whether I’m in a relationship or I’m single,’ he insists.

‘I wouldn’t use girls on the outside and I wouldn’t on the inside.’

Big Brother 11 continues nightly on Channel 4.

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