Big Brother star Nikki Grahame celebrates as she finally puts on the pounds

At a dress size 4, Ultimate Big Brother runner-up Nikki Grahame is hardly likely to be described as ‘curvy’.

But as far as Nikki‘s concerned her new body’s positively womanly.

After years of battling anorexia, the 5ft 1in reality star has put on almost half a stone.

‘I used to have the figure of an eight-year-old girl, but now I feel a lot more feminine,’ she says.

‘I haven’t got protruding shoulder or hip bones any more and I’ve finally got a bottom!’

Looking painfully thin before she entered the UBB house last month, Nikki, 28, never believed that she would walk out nearly half a stone heavier and finish in second place to Brian Dowling.

Although she’s still tiny at 6st 5lb, it’s a giant step for someone who’s battled an eating disorder since the age of eight.

‘When I went into the house I was painfully thin,’ she recalls, screwing up her face in disgust.

‘I weighed about 6st, which is way too skinny.

‘I’d come out of a relationship that had gone wrong and had a bit of a relapse after writing my book Dying To Be Thin.

‘I felt really tired, drained and very tearful, but going into the Ultimate Big Brother house changed all that.

‘It was the perfect opportunity for me to put weight on naturally because I was sitting around all day eating biscuits and not really exercising.

‘I only noticed I was heavier when my jeans started to dig into my waist and became tight around my leg.’

Two days after leaving the house, Nikki happily climbed onto a pair of scales, which is something she would’ve dreaded before.

‘I couldn’t believe it when I found out that I’d put on 5lb,’ she says, her face lighting up at the recollection.

‘Now I weigh almost 6½st, which is nearly the heaviest I’ve ever been – and I feel great.’


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