The lothario is still in touch with his Hollywood ex


Party animal Calum Best’s new MTV show Totally Calum: The Best Is Yet To Come challenges the ladies’ man to go without sex for 50 days and 50 nights.

Amazingly, Calum, 27 – son of late footballer legend George Best – says he jumped at the chance to take part.

‘If the idea is to say no sex for 50 days then, f*** it, I’ll do that,’ he says. ‘If I can use this to show people I ain’t that dude the past couple of years has made me out to be, then good.’

But two weeks into filming, Calum admits that he’s already finding it difficult: ‘My so-called mates have been trying to set me up with all these really hot women,’ he laments.

Last year Calum had a fling with one of Hollywood’s hottest stars – wild child Lindsay Lohan, and they still keep in touch.

‘She’s funny and beautiful. We had a great time,’ he says. ‘We travelled to New York, LA, London and the Bahamas. We had a lot of things in common and some good banter, but then she goes on and does things and I go on and do things. We live on separate f***ing continents.’

The lanky swordsman insists he’s delighted that Lindsay is now loved-up with her new gal pal.

‘I don’t believe what I read in the papers, but I saw reports that she was engaged to Samantha Ronson. So I sent her a text saying: “Are you engaged?” and then I just said: “If you are, I’m happy for you. I’m coming over to LA. Let’s get together for some dinner and hang out.”‘

Calum doesn’t feel he treats women badly by having so many one-night stands.

‘I’m not the guy people think I am,’ he insists. ‘I’m f***ing well-mannered. You ask any of my friends. I might be a naughty boy and a bit of a perv, but my mum raised me well.

‘People assume that I’m a dick and I’m disrespectful to women, but it’s not true. Any girl you talk to will say I’m respectful.

‘I just have this lothario image because I’m single and I like dating.I just don’t want to be known as a seedy lothario.’

See the full interview with Calum Best in Now magazine dated 28 July 2008 – out now!