TV host said busy schedule meant he couldn't have surgery

After Chris Evans underwent surgery last month to remove pre-cancerous growths, Jeremy Clarkson claimed he needed a potentially life-saving op himself.

‘Like Chris Evans, doctors recently found a tumour in my bowel which needs removing,’ Jeremy, 51, wrote in his newspaper column.

‘Unlike Chris Evans, I can’t find a hole in my diary to have anything done about it.’

But a spokesman for the Top Gear presenter then confirmed that his revelation was ‘a joke’, adding: ‘Jeremy says it’s what happens when people talk out of their bottoms.’

But Cancer isn’t a subject most people find hilarious.

‘It is disappointing to see somebody making a joke out of an illness which kills thousands each year,’ Jacqui Graves from Macmillan Cancer Support tells the Sunday Mirror.

Not funny, Jeremy, not funny at all.

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Esme Riley