Can it even get steamier?

Complaints have piled up about Celebrity Big Brother‘s steamy scenes this year, and as some campaign groups call for the show to be axed, tonight’s episode (10th August) will not make anyone feel better as Chloe Khan does a topless pole dance and TWO people share a steamy shower.

It all starts when Chloe overhears Saira and Renee accuse her fling with Stephen Bear of being a ‘showmance’, and Chloe tells Bear: ‘I just got called a prostitute by Renee. They were talking about us, “there are two showmances in here and that’s a weird way to give a massage!”’

And Bear then announces to the house: ‘I think there’s jealousy in the house, they keep talking about showmances and I think they’re jealous!’

Then, to prove them extra wrong (presumably), the pair get VERY close in the shower – again! This is getting steamier than Love Island.

Lewis Bloor, Marnie SImpson, Chloe Khan, Stephen Bear

With the door conveniently open [Channel 5]


Not to be outdone, Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor make up after the most pointless argument last night about the TOWIE star sleeping with the model on the cover of an eyelash box, and begin to gush over each other again.

Have a vomit capturing receptacle near you, as Lewis says: ‘We have rushed into things… for me this is perfect, you make me feel like a good man. Just your energy! This is something worth holding onto.’

The pair then have a shower together.

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Chloe also gets dared to do a topless pole dance and she does it, because why not. Doubtless to say this episode will be filled with as much flesh as the rest, and the other housemates are actually VERY angry about it as well. James, Samantha, Aubrey, Frankie, Katie and Ricky are about to hold a strike, and this could be very interesting.