Danica's twin doesn't want anything to happen to her sibling

Danica Thrall has no worries about ‘rinsing’ male punters online – but her twin Sophie fears it could end in disaster.

The Celebrity Big Brother contestant was shown charging £50 for web chats with isolated old men during controversial documentary Sex Lies And Rinsing Guys on Channel 4.

Sophie, 24, says: ‘I wouldn’t feel safe with Danica ever meeting any of these guys. At all.

‘They could do anything. I just wouldn’t want her taking the risk.’

Underwear model Danica has angered other housemates with her ‘love triangle’ tactics in the house.

They have accused her of leading on both US reality star Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino and Prince Lorenzo Borghese, despite having a boyfriend outside the show.

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