Housemates fear Jasmine is ‘not stable'

Jasmine Lennard has caused more upset in the Celebrity Big Brother house after launching an aggressive outburst at fellow housemate Rhian Sugden.

The brunette had to speak to the show’s psychologist after the incident, which frightened other CBB contestants.

It all started when Jas accused model Rhian, who has a boyfriend, of leading on Olympic judo athlete Ashley McKenzie as the group hung out in the early hours on Monday.

‘I’m very disappointed with this chick right now,’ Jasmine, 27, told Ash whilst pointing at Rhian.

‘I think she tried to play a game. I feel like she’s manipulated you.’

The Make Me A Supermodel star then suggested that Rhian had been bitching about her fellow housemate and friend Danica Thrall behind her back.

Tensions increased as the blonde glamour model fought back against Jasmine’s accusations and housemates were forced to step between the pair to prevent a fight.

Both ended up in tears and Jas, who screamed and shouted at Rhian, was taken to the Diary Room by former Corrie star Julie Goodyear, where she spoke to the show’s psychologist.

The CBB contestants were shaken up by the explosive argument and even hid the kitchen knives due to their fears over Jasmine’s emotional stability.

‘I can’t live with someone who can switch any second,’ said Rhian, 25.

‘Why should we have to hide knives from a house full of people? She’s not f*cking stable.’

A show spokesman confirmed that Jas was being looked after, saying, ‘Jasmine did have an outburst and is being monitored at all times. The health and welfare of our housemates is paramount.’

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