CBB spokesperson confirms to Now that Katie Hopkins has her own private bedroom in the house

Katie Hopkins has been at the centre of several rows and heated discussions in the bedroom of the Celebrity Big Brother house – but she doesn’t actually sleep in there!

Now can exclusively reveal that 39-year-old Katie has been given her own room due to her epilepsy. The condition causes the former Apprentice star to have fits at night so she’s been granted separate sleeping quarters away from the other contestants.

A Celebrity Big Brother spokesperson confirmed to Now: ‘Katie Hopkins has separate sleeping arrangements in the House due to a pre-existing medical condition.’

Katie Hopkins has her own room due to her epilepsy,’ a source tells Now.

‘Apparently she has her own phone too. This isn’t for medical reasons though but part of her contract.’

CBB denies that any housemate has a phone in the house.

Katie has previously spoken of how she’s secretly battled epilepsy for years. Her night seizures can be so severe that they can leave her arms dislocated.

‘I am epileptic. I see it as a weakness, always have done, which is why I hid it for more years than I care to remember,’ the mum-of-three has admitted.

‘My night time fits remain uncontrolled…My epilepsy sometimes dislocates my arms in the night. It has done 28 times in the past 12 months.’

During the day Katie says she takes enough medication to ‘floor an elephant’ to keep her condition under control. But despite her frightening night seizures, the straight-talking columnist puts a brave face on things.

‘The next day I am up running, back at it, proving to my family everything was OK so Mum wouldn’t worry,’ she has previously revealed.

Katie hasn’t been afraid to discuss her epileptic fits with her fellow CBB housemates though. Shortly after the series kicked off she revealed to Perez Hilton that she has the condition because a bit of her brain is missing.

‘[My sleeping patterns are] a bit broken up,’ she explained. ‘Wake up, go back to sleep wake up. Go back to sleep wake up.

‘I’ve had it since I was 20. It just came on. There’s a bit missing. A lot of people get it from a bang to the head but mine’s just missing a bit of brain, which might be quite apparent.

‘I’ve seen the bit missing, I’ve seen the scan. It’s really freaky.’

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