Finalist has tried some unappetising things

Charley Boorman might be a finalist on Celebrity MasterChef but his experiences with food haven’t always been pleasant.

The adventurer admits he’s tucked into some rather unusual dishes on his travels that he’s not especially enjoyed.

‘I was in Indonesia making a TV show and we found a little restaurant with two specialities: fruit bat and dog meat,’ says Charley, 47.

‘I remember having a bowl of fruit bat and using the wing of the bat as a spoon to eat it with. There were a lot of bones.

‘Eating dog meat was pretty horrendous.’

Charley certainly wouldn’t pick either fruit bat or dog meat for his last meal and would instead opt for an Italian dish.

‘I’d have spaghetti vongole – clams, tomatoes and chillies,’ the TV star tells the Mirror.

‘Washed down with a lovely glass of red wine.’

Charley Boorman competes in the Celebrity MasterChef final tonight at 8.30pm on BBC One.

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Anna Francis