The model finalist struggled with nerves

Jodie Kidd thinks she might have annoyed the Celebrity MasterChef judges a bit.

The model, who’s reached tonight’s final of the cooking competition, admits she often refused to talk to John Torode and Gregg Wallace as a way of dealing with the stress whilst creating a dish.

‘I coped by just putting my head down and getting on with it,’ says Jodie, 35.

‘I drove John and Gregg crazy because I would put my head down and not look up for an hour and 15 minutes.

‘They would come over and say, “We’ll do your chat now” and I was like, “No, I need to cook! Go away, don’t disturb me!”

‘You are in the zone and when you come out of that flow and that rhythm and you have to have a chat, everything disintegrates.’

Jodie was clearly overwhelmed by how nervous she felt during filming.

‘The nerves I had were the terrifying thing,’ the lanky blonde tells The Sun.

‘When you get terrible nerves – as you do in that big, scary studio – your brain sort of melts.

‘The adrenalin starts going but then you have to cook and you’re like, “What am I doing? Who am I?” Your reasoning goes out of the window.

‘So it was interesting learning to deal with the nerves, learning to relax and be confident.’

Jodie Kidd competes in the Celebrity MasterChef final tonight at 8.30pm on BBC One.

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Anna Francis