The reality stars have been getting in shape

Charlotte Crosby might be rocking a hot bod these days but she faces some stiff competition from her Geordie Shore co-stars. The girls are all looking fab-u-lous!

The Newcastle lass has slimmed down recently, as have fellow female cast members Vicky Pattison and Holly Hagan, but Charlotte would struggle to pick who has the best figure on the show.

‘Marnie Simpson’s completely skinny, she’s got a body to die for,’ says Charlotte, 24.

‘Vicky Pattison has got the most toned body and Holly Hagan has the best curves. Her body is like an hourglass.’

Despite her dramatic transformation, Charlotte Crosby insists that she hasn’t resorted to any sort of harsh regime.

‘I’m trying to eat better, although I’m not on a strict diet,’ the Geordie Shore favourite says.

‘I avoid the obvious baddies, like Chinese takeaways and kebabs. I try to do lunges and squats for an hour a day.

‘I’ve never lost weight by myself, so I needed a trainer to help me. I don’t know what I’m doing!

‘My perfect size would be an 8. I’m a 10-12 at the moment, but I was verging on a size 12-14.’

Filming Geordie Shore always makes it harder for Charlotte Crosby to stay in shape.

‘You’re out every night surrounded by temptation,’ she explains. ‘But I’ve only had a few slip-ups.’

Charlotte may have shed the pounds but she’s taking quite a relaxed approach to maintaining her new figure.

‘I’ve lost a bit of weight, but I’ve been trying not to get on the scales,’ the reality star says.

‘I see how I fit in my clothes instead. Loads of my clothes are too baggy now, which is great.’

Even though the Geordie Shore lasses have become style icons, Charlotte gets her fashion inspiration from Hollywood.

‘Vanessa Hudgens [is my style icon],’ she reveals.

‘She does dress up, but you mainly see her casual and that’s what I love about her.’

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