The X Factor finalist takes no prisoners


X Factor diva Cher Lloyd has hit back at Twitter followers who have been bitchy about her online.

The 17-year-old – who ended up in 4th place in The X Factor finals – objected to being called a ‘wannabe’ and a ‘chav’.

‘You feel the need to ridicule me,yet you don’t know me? And most of its bullshit. Round of applause for those who hurt me,’ Cher Tweeted.

‘Well quit believing the media and make your own decisions,I’m just a young girl tryna make sumat of her life. X.’

No-nonsense Cher – who is rumoured to have been snapped up by Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation music label – told one ‘fan’ who tried to say sorry that there was no point.

‘You don’t need to apologise my love,I pitty you,’ she wrote. ‘Have a lovely night.’

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