Cher Lloyd eats anything and everything


Feisty X Factor star Cher Lloyd struts her stuff on stage but behind the scenes she’s as insecure as any teenager.

Despite showing off her body in skin-tight leggings and cute cropped jackets, the mini-rapper – who’s signed to Simon Cowell‘s record label Syco – isn’t happy with her straight up and down shape. 

‘My big insecurity is that I am too small,’ says Cher.

‘I see girls with curves and I’d do anything to be like that. I’m trying. I eat all the time.

‘I think it’s bad people criticise me, a 17-year-old girl, about my figure.’ 

Cher‘s currently working on her debut album in America, but certainly won’t be getting involved with any fad Hollywood diets.

‘I like a full-on Chinese, everything covered in sweet and sour sauce – with chips!’ Cher tells the Sun.

‘I could eat that every day.’

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