Cher Lloyd's ex-boyfriend Karim Roundi broke her heart

Cher Lloyd was left heartbroken by the boyfriend she met backstage at The X Factor.

Fellow contestant Paije Richardson introduced teen rapper Cher to Essex boy Karim Roundi and the pair hit it off straight away.

But post X Factor, once she’d left for the US to start work on her new album, claims that 20-year-old Karim had enjoyed hot chocolate and a lot more with a waitress in Southend hit the headlines.

Feisty Cher tried to sound as if she didn’t care, Tweeting: ‘It’s a new day, fresh start, lets rock the s#*t out of it!!!‘ but she was very upset.

‘It was very hurtful,’ says Cher, 17.

‘It made me aware I can’t just jump into a relationship and trust people – not now.’

Cher, who’s signed to Simon Cowell‘s label Syco, is annoyed that Karim seemed as if he’d be someone special in her life. 

‘Whenever I meet a boy I take them home to my dad,’ Cher tells The Sun.

‘It made it more hurtful as he got my dad’s approval.’

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