Essex boy Karim Roundi avoids confrontation


Cher Lloyd‘s new boyfriend Karim Roundi has deleted his Twitter account following reports he cheated on the 17-year old starlet just 5 days after they met.

The Essex party boy, 20, who’s good friends with Cher‘s X Factor mate Paije Richardson, met waitress Kate Cross at a club in Southend where Paije was appearing.

‘I went with them to their hotel for drinks,’ Kate, 21, claims in The Sun.

‘Me and Karim kissed. He asked me upstairs for a hot chocolate and one thing led to another.

‘Before we went Paije said, “What about Cher?” I thought it was a joke.

‘He seemed quite nice but now I know he’s a dog who cheated on his girlfriend.’

Feisty Cher, who’s jetted off to Miami to start on her new album, doesn’t sound too broken-hearted.

It’s a new day, fresh start, lets rock the s#*t out of it!!!‘ she Tweeted.

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