Cheryl wanted to look just like her idol

Every week X Factor judge Cheryl Cole appears on the show in another amazing outfit, but she doesn’t consider herself a fashionista.

‘I don’t think I’m a style icon, not at all,’ she insists.

‘Sometimes I just want to rock out in me scruffs and me Uggs. You know, a really comfy old tracksuit with maybe a dollop of ketchup down the front.’

Cheryl, 27, was a tomboy as a youngster and wasn’t into dresses at all.

‘I wasn’t surrounded by glamour. I wasn’t one of those girls who bought all the magazines off the shelf,’ she tells Piers Morgan on Piers Morgan’s Inside Stories.

Britney inspired me when I was teenager and TLC, I thought of meself as a bit of a hip hop girl at 16.

‘I wanted to wear baggy trousers and Timberland boots.’


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