The cracks in the judges' relationsip deepen

Cheryl’s relationship with fellow judge Louis Walsh is getting steadily worse.

While most of us look forward to their pantomime slanging matches, one paparazzi snap reveals how real their feud is.

Standing next to Cheryl’s car, an enraged Louis was caught wildly gesticulating, then walking off in a huff as she drove away in tears.

The photo, taken on 14 November, shows how their row escalated after Louis, 58, sniped that she’d picked the wrong song for Katie Waissel on last week’s show.

He was telling her she’s driving him mad with her attention-seeking behaviour,’ says our source.

She just told him to leave her alone.’

Things got so bad that Simon was forced to call a crisis meeting last week and play referee.

Simon loves the odd spat on screen – it adds to the fun and viewers love it,’ a show insider tells Now.

But he’s realising it’s not just banter any more, so he wanted to nip it in the bud. The car park incident was the final straw.

Simon sat them down and told them to sort it out because it’s getting ridiculous. Cheryl was close to tears as she accused Louis of always having it in for her.

‘The chat helped to clear the air but we’ll have to see if Simon’s intervention has made a difference.’

See the photo of Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh in Now magazine dated 29 November 2010 – out now! 

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