Cheryl Cole needs to kick her habit

Cheryl Cole has been ordered to give up smoking if she wants to impress American audiences on The US X Factor.

The Geordie singer’s voice coach – who’s been helping her tone down her accent – is reported to have told Cheryl she needs to quit her bad habit as it’s stopping her voice from responding properly to the techniques.

‘But [Cheryl] says the move to LA and X Factor job is stressful enough without having to try and quit the cigs on top,’ a source tells The Sun.

‘Voice coaches are determined to make her sound more American but in a natural way.

‘Basically just so she can be understood.’

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Though X Factor boss Simon Cowell, 51, is keeping tight-lipped, Cheryl, 27, is believed to have landed her dream job by his side in LA after record producer and confirmed judge LA Reid made a slip-up.

‘We’re gonna compete against American Idol just fine. I’m very confident,’ he reportedly told The Mirror.

‘But along with Simon Cowell and Cheryl, I don’t know who the other judge is,’ said the 54-year-old.

An official statement is expected this month.

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